The Ultimate Calendar for Major Sports Events Worldwide, World Sports Calendar details the times, dates and locations of every major sporting event in the world, covering over 30 different sports.

Updated daily, WSC will benefit all sports fans worldwide who will now be able to plan their trips according to their favourite global sporting events; from Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Cricket, Cycling, Football, Golf, Hockey, Horse Racing, Winter Sports and many more.
The World Sports Calendar will be at the forefront of sporting fans minds when it comes to finding out information about their favourite sport.

Tony Prince, Commercial Director of World Sports Calendar, says: “World Sports Calendar is the ultimate destination for all sports fans to search the events they are looking for; this is the most comprehensive online sports calendar on the Web.”

It is not just avid sports fans that will benefit from the World Sports Calendar but also anyone in the sports and tourism industry. The calendar highlights the importance of sporting events in boosting tourism revenue and in particular driving profit to not only the specific event, but also the venue destination/hotels/airlines, etc

World Sports Calendar will be the online diary dedicated to showcasing the events that together are responsible for the $600 billion a year sports tourism industry.

With the increasing profitability of mega sporting events, sports tourism is set to play a catalytic role in sparking global tourisms recovery. Many experts predict that the next 10 years will be “the decade of sports tourism” - so as a sporting, travel, hospitality, events brand what better way to tap into this ever growing market than by joining this new online portal and securing your place in the social calendar that is at the finger tips of sports fans globally.

Why World Sports Calendar?

World Sports Calendar is visited by thousands of sports fans worldwide. We have researched those advertisers who engage sports fans with relevant ads on the right pages can tap into an influential group that is more receptive to their messages.

Who are sports fans?

Sports fans represent the 15.1 million Internet users who live and breathe sports, every day of their lives:

  • They spend an average of 14.1 hours a week on sports related websites, nearly 7x more than the Casual fan.
  • 25 percent have a household income or $100k-plus, compared to only 13 percent of general online sports users. They also tend to be employed full-time.

Sports fans are a marketer’s dream

Because of their never-ending desire for sports information, Super fans are much more receptive to ads from sponsors who offer them free sports content:

  • 74 percent are more likely to pay attention to an ad on a sports site.
  • 78 percent expect to see ads on a free sports related site.
  • 73 percent agree that if a company is advertising on a sports related site, their products will fit with their interests.
  • 72 percent agree that brands that advertise on a sports site are cool.
  • 69 percent are more likely to purchase products from a company that advertises on a sports site

Reach in excess of 100,000 sports fans each month.

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